Founded in 2018 by a French-American dynamic female duo, Specific is a modern, unisex, lifestyle brand specializing in accessories for travelers and executives on the go. Combining functionality with modernism, this French label brings a unique concept to the market by focusing on gender-neutral, timeless, minimalist and perfectly designed accessories. Are you #borntobespecific?

Each line is impeccably designed to accompany real-life executives and travelers in their busy lifestyles. Each collection fuses monochrome fabrics with a pop of color, functionality with modernism, and elegance with style.

Geraldine, French Creative Director based in Paris, founder of MySuelly, is bringing two decades of experience in the industry, her impeccable style, her love for accessories and obsession with design to life with Specific.

Julie, French-born-American based between NYC and London, brings a decade of business-building experience both in the Tech and Luxury industry, which she has gathered across 7 countries, her international vision, her love for travel and her millennial touch to make Specific a global brand.

Specific mixes Geraldine’s French design flair and talent with Julie’s international business expertise.

The brand is answering a generational need to combine functionality with modernism and minimalism. Specific is a true representation of its founders, and perfectly encapsulates our era.